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Want to help our native red squirrels survive extinction?

16th February 2017

Category: Community News

We like to support charities and causes that are in the hearts of the local community as well as further afield.

By opening a Junior Affinity Regular Saver and requesting to support The Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group for your munchkin, you can help us to support the amazing work and conservation that is currently taking place to assist with the red squirrels' survival.

The Penrith & District Red Squirrel Group were founded in 1994 by local people concerned that our native red squirrels population would die out if something was not done about grey squirrels encroaching on the area and becoming established as they had in the rest of England. They work to promote the conservation of the red squirrel population in their natural habitat within Penrith and district and their protection from extinction whilst also working towards advanced education and conduct research into the red squirrel population. The group became a registered charity in 2006 and now has a network of supporters, members and volunteers plus dedicated Red Squirrel Rangers covering the whole of our area which has expanded to nearly 600 square miles.

For more details on the account please see our Junior Savers page on our website or please give us a call on 01768 863675